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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Razorback finished and more UPDATES!!!

So today is a big day. I'm unveiling the finished Razorback and Ryan has some nice updates. So i'll Start with the Razorback unveiling because I know everyone wants to see it. I'm fairly Happy with it over all, minus a few color differences it came out pretty nice. I especially like the wear detail on in the red. Ok enough don't want to break my arm patting myself on the back before I get to the end of the post. Without much further ado bum bum bum bum bum bum BUM!!!! the Razorback

Now on to Ryan. He has started the Blutsauger and it looks great. He is layering it out in MDF like I did with my gun stock and is chugging along getting the rest of it cut out as well so here are some updates for that.

So as you can see it is really taking form. Next up with have the fire extinguisher like take on the side of his pack. He has sanded the foam down and applied a coat or 3 of wood filler to really smooth it out. I wish I had done it on the Razorback and it would've cut back on all the issues i had of the paint not sticking but thats done with for now.

Really looking Nice and silky smooth. Alright the last update I have is for my gun. I have since sanded down the stock and it is all ready for paint but I'm just going to paint it when everything else is finished. All the sanding took quite a while since i didn't quite have the tools I needed. The part for the barrel is sanded as well and that took a good 5 hours to sand by hand but that is for another day. So to close out here's the last of the pictures.

So thanks for coming by and I'll try to update a little more often to give you something to keep checking for. Thanks to everyone who's visited so far and PLEASEEEE FOLLOW it just makes me feel better.

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