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Sunday, June 13, 2010

YAY!!! Pictures

So today is the day the picture posts start. This one is going to be quite a long one since i've got a few pictures to show to keep things up to date. On a note for the razorback there was a slight issue with the primer sticking to the spackle but we'll get to that when we get to the breakdown of the razorback. On a possitive note lets start with the Rifle.
So this is the plan ^.

So I started by printing a few scale images from SourceSDK (thank you steam) and gave a little sanding barrier when cutting it out of MDF.

I then took the 3 layers and glued them together. I have all the pieces for the scope cut as well and will update more once they are worth showing. They are just being glued at the moment. After 2 days of gun work this is where its at. Now for the Razorback not much to show but quite
a bit to talk about. So I'll start with the plan. Ta DA!!

This is the final look. Hopefully!!

This is where its at. I started with a block of green foam and sculpted that thing like Michaelangelo carving david. I then did a layer of primer on the foam followed by a layer of spackle to fill in the holes of the foam. I really piled that S*** on and then sanded it down. It looked really nice and I put a coat of primer that is water based and ran into a problem of it peeling off this afternoon. OH NO!! i filled in the problems with a spray primer and I am now waiting for it to dry for sanding. Fingers crossed that I dont run into more problems of peeling. I'm hoping the final paint will really hold it all together. I also have the battery spackled and ready for sanding tomorrow. The wires are ready to go. One of which has to be painted so that was primed today. Pictures to come so I have some cool stuff to show you. Anyways now a quick note on the progress of Ryan.

Ryan is currently working on the Medics pack seen on the back here!!!

He has been unfortuantely held up helping me plan mine but will be well underway this week. He currently has some of the bottle pieces laid out and being glued to be scultped out of green foam.

This is where the project currently stands so come back often and I'll try to keep you updated as best is possible. A little note on me. This is my first blog so I may suck at this. Hopefully the end results and the images don't. Please subscribe and I'll see ya again soon.

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